Workshop on Verification and Validation of Ship Manoeuvring Simulation Methods

Following up on the first SIMMAN workshop in 2008, the second workshop is now scheduled to take place in 2014. The purpose of the workshop is to benchmark the capabilities of manoeuvring prediction methods through comparisons with towing tank results for tanker, container, and surface combatant hull form test cases.

The KVLCC2 tanker, the KCS container and the DTMB 5415 frigate hull forms will be used as benchmark ships. Similar to the workshop in 2008, a variety of methods are available for predicting force and trajectories. Among these methods are also CFD predictions, which have made large progress over the last years.

Comparing results obtained with the various prediction methods to each other and to experimental validation material will reveal insight into their strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to the deep water IMO manoeuvres, SIMMAN 2014 will also focus on manoeuvring in shallow water. New free sailing and captive model tests are currently being conducted. The captive data will be provided to the participants in order for them to cover shallow water manoeuvres.

The workshop will be hosted by FORCE Technology in Denmark December 2014. It is organized by FORCE, MARIN and IIHR with assistance and support from the 27th ITTC Manoeuvring Committee. Information about the workshop will be posted on this site.

From March 2014 it will be possible to register to SIMMAN 2014 by filling in the form available under “Registration”.
In order to download model test data for the workshop please request access to the data in the registration form.

You can also find the workshop at LinkedIn, where you may join the group “SIMMAN 2014”.

Read latest news about the conference here.