09 July 2014It has been decided to postpone the simulation data submission deadline for SIMMAN until 1. August 2014.

It is important to keep this new deadline, since all submitted data needs to be processed and analysed by co-organizers after submission in order to be presented at the workshop – this is a time consuming process. Further a new CMT data set for KCS from CSSRC has been posted on the ftp server.

16. June 2014 – In the CFD instructions, the part related to submission has been extended to include propeller thrust and toque if available.

Please make sure you follow the latest instructions when you submit your data.

Further, a new drawing for 5415M propeller with correct scale has been made available on the website together with a new drawing clarifying the propeller position.

4. June 2014 – New 4DOF CMT data for KCS has been uploaded on the ftp server in order to support MMG based simulations.

15. May 2014 – For 5415M the CFD instructions states that a four bladed propeller is used. This is not correct. The propeller used at model testing is five bladed. The instructions have been updated accordingly. In the provided appended 5415M hull geometry, the stabilizer fin is not located at the exact same position as used in the model test. It is only a small difference, but for completeness a new file with the correct position has been added to the list of geometry downloads on the website.

06. March 2014 – New PMM KCS shallow water data received from KRISO. Available on the ftp-server.

03. March 2014 – Is is now possible to register for the workshop. See “Registration”.

17. February 2014 – Programme and chairmen of the sessions are now presented on the website – see “Programme” under “Venue and programme”.

8. November 2013 – Workshop postponed.
Collecting all the captive data sets for the work shop has taken longer than expected and the last captive data sets have not been measured until just recently. Having all data available for the participants and being able to support as many of the manoeuvring models as possible is essential for a successful outcome of the workshop. Therefor, it has been decided to postpone the workshop including dates for submission. In order to avoid coinciding with other conferences throughout the year it has been decided to have the workshop in December.

The SIMMAN 2014 workshop will be held 8. to 10. December 2014

27. August 2013 – New PMM KVLCC2 shallow water data recieved from BSHC. Available on the ftp-server.

17. July 2013 – 2nd call for participation in SIMMAN 2014

8. May 2013 – New date for the SIMMAN 2014 Workshop – date changed to 23-25. April 2014

1. March 2013 – 1st call for participation in SIMMAN 2014