The purpose of the workshop is to benchmark the capabilities of different ship manoeuvring simulation methods including systems and CFD based methods through comparisons with results for tanker, container ship and surface combatant hull form test cases. Systems based methods will be compared with free-model test data using provided PMM and CMT (circular motion mechanism/rotating-arm) data, whereas CFD based methods will be compared with both PMM/CMT and free-model test data.

In addition to the deep water IMO manoeuvres, SIMMAN 2014 will also focus on manoeuvring in shallow water. New free sailing and captive model tests are currently being conducted. The captive data will be provided to the participants in order for them to cover shallow water manoeuvres.

The comparisons for the free-model tests will be partly blind in the sense that the free-model test data that has been re-measured after SIMMAN 2008 and the shallow water data will not be provided prior to the workshop.
It is important to note that much of the model test data that was used at SIMMAN 2008 has been replaced with new data for SIMMAN 2014. Participants must be aware of this when using the available model data for their simulations.