The KVLCC2 tanker hull form, the KCS container ship and the DTMB 5415 surface combatant are considered as test cases. The three ships are already established test cases for resistance and propulsion.

The physical model tests either have been or will be conducted by various participating towing tanks and institutes including MOERI (Korea), NMRI (Japan), INSEAN (Italy), HSVA (Germany), MARIN (Holland), BSHC (Bulgaria), IIHR (USA), FORCE Technology (Denmark), FHR (Belgium), CTO (Poland) and HMRI (Korea).

For each of the three hulls at least PMM and CMT tests in deep water with the appended hull as well as free model tests will be performed. For KVLCC2 and KCS additional shallow water PMM tests have been conducted. Finally, bare hull PMM tests and CMT tests are measured for KVLCC2 and KCS respectively. An overview of the current test plan is found in the menu “Model test plan” to the left.