Uncertainty assessment – www.simman2014.dk

Uncertainty assessment (i.e. verification) is required for all participants, both for the experimental methods and for the numerical methods.

With respect to the numerical methods it is recommended that the procedures proposed by the 22nd ITTC Resistance Committee is used, however, estimates from alternative methods, including extrapolation of uncertainty estimates from benchmark applications, are acceptable.

The 22nd ITTC adopted the procedures on an interim basis and included them in the following sections of the Quality Manual:

QM Section 7.5-03-01-01, “Uncertainty analysis in CFD, Verification and Validation, Methology and Procedures”
QM Section 7.5-03-01-02, “Uncertainty analysis in CFD, Guidelines for RANS Codes”
QM Section 7.5-03-02-01,”Uncertainty analysis in CFD, Examples for Resistance and Flow”

With respect to the captive tests (mainly PMM) it is recommended to follow the procedure described in:

ITTC Procedures 7.5-02-06-04, “Forces and moment, Uncertainty Analysis, Example for Planar Motion Mechanism Test”