The workshop will take place at Hotel Frederiksdal.

Sinatur Hotel Frederiksdal
Frederiksdalsvej 360
2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Tlf: +45 4585 4333

For room reservation at Hotel Frederiksdal, please fill in the form: “Hotel Reservation Form” and return it to

Single room: Eur 154
Double room: Eur 181
All quoted prices are per day and include breakfast.

No prepayment is necessary for booking at Frederiksdal.

Travel directions

The nearest airport is Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup.
To get from the airport to the venue at Hotel Frederiksdal you may take a taxi. It takes about 30 min. and costs approx. DKK 550 / EUR 75.

Alternatively, take metro, train and bus as follows:
Take the metro (Metro M2 direction Vanløse) from the airport to Nørreport Station. Then change to S-Train (S-Train B direction Hillerød) to Sorgenfri Station. From Sorgenfri station go to the bus stop and take the bus (Bus 191 direction Lyngby Station). Get off at Hotel Frederiksdal. The entire trip from the airport takes about 1 hour and costs approx. DKK 72 / EUR 10.

You can also take a taxi from Sorgenfri Station to Hotel Frederiksdal instead of the bus. It takes about 6 min. and costs approx. DKK 80 / EUR 11.

If you have any questions regarding the travel diretions, please contact the workshop secretary (